Where can I find reviews of Android Market apps?
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What are the best sites out there to stay abreast of new apps in the Android Market?

I just picked up a new Android phone, and am looking to add a site or two to my RSS reader that tracks new apps in the Android Market. What are the reliable, informative, dispassionate sites I should be following?
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Best answer: You could check out Androlib which lists every single new and updated app as they are added to the Market. It's a little overwhelming for an RSS feed because you'll sometimes get 50+ at a time.
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Best answer: I've found Android Community and Android-DLs to both be useful places for information about apps and other Android issues.
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Best answer: Here is a list of 50 Best Android Apps.
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Best answer: I kind of like Android and Me's Droid Week site. It's new, so there isn't as much stuff on there yet, but it's well-done and worth keeping an eye on.
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