got milk? i do.
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What can I do with two bottles of real milk before they go bad tomorrow? So, I bought real, straight-from-the-cow milk at the farmers market on Saturday. I have not drank it all yet and am afraid that it will turn bad tomorrow since it doesn't last too long. What can I use it in, besides coffee, that will significantly benefit from its real yummy taste?
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Ice cream?

Also you could make some bechamel sauce and then make some delicious lasagna.
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I vote home-made icecream since it will last the longest. Also rice pudding would be yum.
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Vanilla pudding, with real fresh vanilla, would be a wonderful treat. Or maybe if you want to go savory, one of those vodka cream sauces? You could jar it and keep it in the fridge for a while. Ice cream would last the longest, like the above two answers say, and I would suggest that you not make it too sweet because that would lose some of the complexity of the flavor. Maybe a mint ice cream? You could also make what I consider to be the queen of all deserts, flan. Mmmmmm.
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Milk tart? (nicer than it sounds)
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Yogurt! Since you probably don't have a "täta", use the old starter yogurt trick. Yoghurt is best with farm fresh creamy milk, it'll be awesome. related metachat thread where we talk about making yoghurt.
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Baked macaroni uses a lot of milk, and if you don't mind the slightly degraded quality it can be frozen for a winter comfort meal later on.
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(baked macaroni & cheese, i mean)
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Paneer - I always get immense satisfactio from having made my own cheese, however simple . .. .
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. . . , indeed it makes me so excited just thinking of it that correct spelling flees my mind entirely.
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Slightly off topic, but bear with me. Before you use your milk, you could keep it in this, just looking awesome in your fridge.
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If it's not pasteurized at all and it turns sour, pour it in a soup dish, cover, let it set and use it like yoghurt. Milk from the shop turns bitter in that state, real milk doesn't. I grew up on that stuff. If you like it, that is. Just sayin', properly soured milk isn't any ickier than sour cream.
Otherwise seconding bechamel.
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I've made this homemade ricotta before; it's delicious and easy.
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Pudding made with good whole milk is delicious. I like this tapioca recipe. This rice pudding recipe looks good as well, though I haven't tried it. Or you could make plain chocolate, vanilla, or butterscotch pudding, it you don't like yours with stuff in it.
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Pancakes can be made even after the milk has gone off, and they're still delicious. Search for "sour milk pancakes", or just substitute for buttermilk.
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Potato soup: peel and cut up five pounds of potatoes, boil until tender, drain, mash, add milk until appropriately thinned, and heat until hot. Meanwhile, sauté two onions in real butter or bacon grease until slightly browned. Add the onions to the soup. Season with a teaspoon of salt and some freshly grated black pepper, and serve with grated parmesan or extra-sharp cheddar.
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I like real milk for any kind of baking, and a lot of baked goods freeze well. If it were me, I'd make a bunch of cornbread or gingerbread or muffins or something and freeze whatever I didn't want to eat right away.
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How about the fabulously named (and delicious) Scottish soup, Cullen Skink?
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What about dulce de leche? You could use it to make alfajores! Or you could do what I would do and just eat it with a spoon.
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Here's the dulce de leche recipe...
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2nd-ing either yogurt of ricotta. They're super-easy (and pretty fun) to make, and very useful to have around the house.
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If you go with yogurt, here are directions for making it in your slow cooker.
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You can freeze extra milk and then use it in cooking (or in coffee/tea). It's not good for drinking after it's thawed, but it's fine for cooking.
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