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Need Church Recommendation in NOVA/DC area with active 20/30/40 single congregation

Looking for a church in the NOVA/DC area, and specifically am looking for a Christian faith based church that is less focused/caters to families or equally caters to the single population and folks with lifestyles alternative to the family unit. Tired of feeling like an alien because I don't have a spouse and four children trailing me as I walk down the church aisle to my pew. If you know of any vibrant church congregations that have an active 20/30/40 something crowd composed of more than the usual married families but include an active single people population, please share the names of those churches and location. Thanks.
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McLean Bible Church (McLean, VA)
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McLean Bible Church is a good recommendation - I've been there a couple times and always enjoyed myself. It is definitely on the more conservative end of things, though. If you're looking for a more liberal church (and obvs, if not, that's totally cool too) I recommend Foundry United Methodist Church or National City Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), both downtown in DC. I have also heard great things about Church of the Pilgrims, which is Presbyterian (PCUSA).
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The National Community Church seems to fit your bill. One big, huge caveat--I've never actually been to the church; I don't even go to church. But they do sponsor several community events that I've attended, and they seem to have a lot of young singles. Something to try, perhaps.
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Absolutely seconding Church of the Pilgrims, if you lean more to the progressive side, that is.
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