Please help me get my email address back
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I just moved and canceled my Verizon phone and Internet service. Unfortunately, in the stress of moving, it didn't occur to me that my Verizon email account would also be canceled. Eek!

As of today, is gone--along with years of contacts and emails. Verizon says there's nothing they can do. Am I out of luck?
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Possibly silly question: What makes you think your mail and contacts are gone?

Did you only use their web client or do you use a desktop client like Eudora, Entourage, Outlook Extress, etc..

If so, your mail might be still available on your local machine.

If you only used the web client, you may be out of luck.
As with most things, try to escalate up the management chain. Sooner rather than later in case there is some sort of grace period before hings are truly gone.
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Mod note: please give people answers without "this is what you should have done" statements, it's not helpful and sounds sort of judgey. thanks!
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Jessamyn - I don't see how anything bottlebrushtree was at all "judgey", what bottle said was all good advice that Ollie can act on now.

I work in CS and you do need to get up the chain from the front line person who has a scripted response for some of these weird issues that don't come up often to a tech or operations person who actually KNOWS what is technically possible.

Ollie - call again and ask to speak to a tech. The sooner the better, they may have normal purging cycles that may not yet have passed if this happened within the last few days or maybe even a week or two. You may no longer be a customer, but they still don't want you spreading bad word of mouth.

Also, my experiences with losing or changing phone based emails (AT&T) is that they were required to give a LONG period of automatic forwarding to an address of your choice even after you left. YMMV

Forwarding may not help with old data but at least gives you a transition time to let people know your new address.
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Not sure if this is terribly of help to you, but when I cancelled my internet upon moving to an area that that ISP didn't service, I was able to keep my old email address for a fee - $5 per month - that I was able to access through webmail.

Maybe reopening that old account (if Verizon has that option) will give you access to your old emails and they are just being lazy - then you can retrieve all your stuff and cancel next month, if you wish.
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Jessamyn - I don't see how anything bottlebrushtree was at all "judgey", what bottle said was all good advice that Ollie can act on now.

Totally sorry! I removed a few comments and that's what I was referring to.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. I called Verizon again, got a same-level person and a totally different response. Which was they will reinstate my DSL line (in an empty apartment for now, but whatever) and my email address--which SHOULD still have all my folders and contacts and emails. I'll then do what I should have done in the first place--get Outlook or some such desktop client. thanks again.
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