Where could I get evangelical broadcasts from about 1990?
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Where could I get old tapes of the 700 club, specifically from about 1990?

This is for bit of historical research being conducted from the UK, about the overlap of politics and religion. It could be other shows - Hal Lindsey, Jim Bakker, any of those guys would do, if I could tell when the shows were from, and get access to a few of them.

The big christian networks don't appear to archive any of their stuff, or sell it, or anything. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, but does anyone have any suggestions? Or tapes? Some tapes would be great.
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Best answer: Try contacting People for the American Way. I interned there in 91/92, and at the time they had a depressingly complete library of the 700 Club, among other right-wing religious shows. I don't know if they still have that library, or if it's available to researchers, but it's worth asking.
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You might check with the libraries at Regent University or Liberty University.
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