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LondonFilter: Looking for a place almost exactly like Gordon's Wine Bar without the crowds.

Somewhere in central London. I love Gordon's but Im looking for a wine bar or bistro that is quieter where I can have a conversation without having to yell. Subterranian, candlelit, intimate-feeling, good food and wine. Any suggestions?

I'm glad to accept your personal Central London Secret Spots- quiet, dark, small, hidden, bars, pubs, bistros that arent crowded at night.
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Response by poster: p.s. maybe theres an ideal time or night of the week to visit Gordons that I havent discovered? Ive been wednesday thursday and friday nights.
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I have had great luck with the Cork & Bottle. It can get crowded, but I can often find a table.
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If you like cellars, enjoy wine and really don't want to mix with the hoi polloi, you might want to consider joining the Adam St Private Members Club, which is a stone's throw from Gordon's.
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I can often find a table

Many of my evenings in days gone by were ruined by young women who insisted it was worth leaving the comfortable seats we already had to trek across London and try the Cork and Bottle. IMHO, YMMV, etc

I'm afraid there isn't anywhere else quite like Gordon's. If you want a decent, fairly quiet wine bar in central London I would try Hampton's in Whitcomb Street or the Grape Street wine bar. If you like a subterranean ambiance, Davy's places may be worth considering, though obviously some are busier than others.
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Not really in the same geographic locale but I like El Vinos.
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Oh, its very busy, has wine and is underground (so 2/3) - but if you like wine and bistros around the Charing Cross area, you should probably be checking out Terroirs. (Very loving review from Time Out here.

You could also consider Vivat Bacchus at London Bridge (or Farringdon), which are never that hectic, even when busy.
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