looking for italian church art.
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religious-art-filter: looking for a specific image of Christ rising from the grave. I saw it on a TV program and I'd like to see it again.

From what I remember, it was like a "forgotten artwork" kind of program, and they visited a small Italian church to see it.

The artwork was in the format of a painting, except 3D. So it wasn't a statue, but like a rectangular 3D sculpture on the wall. It was in a white stone- maybe marble.

The subject was Jesus rising from the grave- not the standard shiny-light-everywhere walking out, but an earthy, muscular, kind of beat up Jesus climbing out, giving the viewer a piercing glare. I think his hair was kind of snaky. I don't recall angels.

The artist wasn't a really famous on like Michelangelo or Da Vinci, I don't think.

The program talked about the techniques the artist would have used, maybe the discovery of a prototype image (??) and a bit about their artistic life. While I would love to watch the program again, the art work is what I really want to see.

TV program: Australia, 2007(2006?) most probably over the Easter period, maybe ABC or SBS.

Art work: Italian church, renaissance (?) Does it exist on the internet? Google is failing me.

Thank you.
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"Relief" is the term you are looking for.
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Could it possibly be Lazzoni's Resurrection relief in San Giovanni in Laterano in Rome?

Part of what *might* be causing fruitless Google searches is the fact that the sculpture/relief you're looking for is the era. Could be Baroque (like the sculpture above), for example.
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Response by poster: @fire&wings yes, relief is the word I'm looking for. Thanks. :)

@cowboy_sally no, not the one. In the one I'm looking for, Jesus is looking straight at the viewer, not up to heaven. There isn't a halo, I don't think.

Oh, further remembered details- there were sleeping soldiers right at the bottom of the picture (thanks for the example, cowboy_sally, to jolt my memory) and the TV show pointed out that they didn't have the correct number of legs (something like 3 between them).
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Best answer: Maybe Piero della Francesca's Resurrection?
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Response by poster: Florentina97, YES! Hmm. is there a marble version of that painting, or am I imagining things?

Apologies to everyone for my faulty memory.

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There isn't a marble version that I know of. But it's got an odd perspective that makes it seem as if some of the figures are emerging from the wall, plus there are the two marble columns painted on either side of the main scene. Maybe that's what you were thinking of?

BTW, I love that painting! Thanks for re-jogging my memory!
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