I need a gallery script that isn't retarded.
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I have a lot of photos on my blog that I want to put into a gallery, but there are so many that I don't want to deal with reuploading them somewhere or installing a feature-creepy (I just made that up!) gallery script and putting them all into it. They're all in a big messy directory on my server, so is there a very simple script that will look in the directory for anything that's a JPG and spit it out in gallery format? Or, if you know PHP: I could probably write the thing myself, but what would the code for "look in /directoryx/, put all filenames into this array" look like?
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Response by poster: Oh whoops, looks like this has actually been answered here. My bad, dudes.
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Even smaller PHP:

$allfiles = glob("/directoryx/*.*")
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Woah! Glob is really cool! Thanks AzraelBrown!
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