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Calling all CPAs: which state has the lowest (easiest) licensing requirements?

i have been going through the state requirements all day today. now i am thoroughly confused. i guess for now i can just apply to sit for the tests as there seem to be quite a few states that have no education requirement for testing the tests.

However, eventually i need to figure out the license requirements after i pass all four test parts.

Appreciate if any CPA can share your thoughts.....
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Are you trying to avoid the 150 hour requirement that most states have now? As I recall, Colorado and Delaware probably have some of the easiest licensing requirements.

Colorado will let you get the CPA designation with a bachelors degree (to include 27 semester hours of accounting courses and 21 semester hours of business admin courses, with specific requirements as to the content and coverage of these semester hours) and one year of experience.

Delaware allows you to sit the exam and gain licensure with just an associates degree that includes 21 semester hours in accounting (again, specific requirements re: content and coverage of those semester hours). However, to get the CPA designation after passing the exam, an associates holder needs to have a minimum of four years of accounting experience. The experience requirement is reduced to two years if you have a bachelors, and one year if you have a masters.

I know that there are some other states that examine and license with just a bachelors degree but I can't recall them right now.

You do need to remember that if you eventually intend to transfer the CPA designation from another state to your own state, you will most likely need to meet your home state's educational requirements. This can typically only be waived after you've acquired a number of years experience with the CPA designation in your original state of licensure.
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