should i care that my full name is in my flickr url?
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i made a big gaffe three years ago while creating my flickr account and set my URL (which you absolutely cannot change) to include my full name. setting up a new account just to be free of my name would be a huge hassle to say the least. is it worth it?

- my three years with my current account now encompasses thousands of photos, countless memories, notes, comments, favorites, etc.
- i've already decided that, if i am to set up a new account, i would maintain a paid subscription for my current one so i won't lose all that history (even though i really don't have the budget for it)
- i'm uploading increasingly personal images of both myself and friends (nudes) as i get more involved in photography
- for various reasons that i won't get into here, i have made the decision to leave almost all of my photos public

thanks for the thoughts!
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Yeah, it is. Every single person that you will meet in the future will google your name at least once. Your future employers will certainly browse your facebook if they can find it. I've seen people not get hired because of random crap on their facebook. Alternatively, I rent out housing and have turned people down based on what I've seen there. Any x will check it out regularly. It's worth changing.
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You don't say what exactly you're worried about by having the photos associated with your real name. Many many people on flickr are pro photographers and very much want their real name associated with their photos.

Most people would be more concerned with just the image of themself (And their friends!) nude on the internet, whether real names were involved or not. Which is where the privacy settings for individual photos come in- but you say you want to leave almost all of them public. So this is kind of hard to answer without more info on exactly what the concern is.
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Also, I'm pretty sure you have to explicitly opt in to see any nudie photos on Flickr. So as long as you flag them as R-rated, a prospective employer googling from work probably won't even know they're there.
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But what if the future employer(s) 'opts-in', as the case may be?

Please tell me you keep a backup on somewhere other than Flickr? If not, backup your photos using whatever tools exist. It's worth fixing - but only if you're concerned what people forming an opinion of you might see. That can be landlords, employers, future dates, friends, etc. etc. etc.

And seriously - $25 a year is far from a budget-buster. Skip one drink a week for a month and you've got it.
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I would look at it like this: it's not going to be any more appealing to do it three years from now.

Might as well get it over with.
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I did the same thing, sadly.

Flickr's privacy settings are fairly robust. I suggest enabling the "Hide your stuff from public searches" setting. (I have this set, and neither a google or yahoo search for myfirstnamemylastname turned up my flickr photostream, despite that being part of the url)

I don't plan on renewing this pro account when it (finally) expires, and will set up a new one instead.
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Response by poster: thanks, all.

a friend pointed me toward this program that will help me backup my images from my current flickr and then re-upload them. i'll probably just pay $50 to maintain the duplicate accounts until i'm satisfied that everything's transferred safely.
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Try sending a polite e-mail to Flickr support. They may be able to help you out.
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