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Home amp filter: Shallow cabinet, 5.1-channel, three-input-HDMI, two-zone, good-quality amplifier-receiver -- does it exist?

The missus and I just moved into our remodeled house -- the custom bookshelves are only 12" deep, so my 16" deep Denon amp that does most of what I want juts out unacceptably.

Is there such thing as a 13" (or less) deep, 5.1 or better surround, three-input-HDMI amp/receiver, that can play to two or more zones (i.e., 5.1 in the living room and 2 only in the kitchen?).
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I've never seen one that shallow... you might be screwed.

An option would be to relocate the amp somewhere else and use a remote control extender.
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Response by poster: Okay, I found a great candidate but am having trouble finding one to buy. It's the Sherwood R-904n, 17" W x 10" D x 2.5" T. Class D amp with some really cool features; sold out everywhere I've looked (Sears carries them, strangely enough). Pricey at $650 but it meets my specs.

Also odd that doesn't seem to list it....
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