Help me fulfill my penguin dreams!
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Help me feed my penguin addiction!

I love all things penguin. I have two pairs of penguin pajama pants, a couple of pairs of penguin socks, a pair of penguin boots from Doc Marten and a penguin beanie baby. What else should I have? Cool > cutesy. For the sake of this question, let's say that price is no object.

Clothes, art, stickers, shoes, food all acceptable. What have I not thought of?
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Visit Antarctica.
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As an example, stuff like this and this from Etsy is what I have in mind.
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Penguin switchplate.
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Operating systems.
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Snowglobe penguins
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Sorry, here:
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Penguin Webkinz
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A favorite of my penguin-loving friend
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I think this hat is pretty cute.
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Another snowglobe penguin option here.
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Mr. Popper's Penguins
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Opus, from Bloom County.

Speaking of which, I might still have my bootleg Opus earring. Send me a MeMail if you want me to send it to you (provided I find it).
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We have awesome, awesome flannel sheets with penguins on them. In a quick search I'm not finding a link to any that look like ours (they're not very cartoony or kid-like), but there are a bunch of different kinds out there, and one is sure to make you happy.
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How can you NOT make these appetizers, found them a few months ago.... I'm in love.
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patapata pen-chan is endless hours of entertainment, cool, and cute.

pen-chan is attached to an iceberg that twists on to the sink and his flightless little wings flap while the water runs. The Amazon picture is a little disappointing, but I guarantee you will like this. I live in a house with a pen-chan on the toilet, and everyone comments on it, and a lot of people buy their own to take home.
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I've always had a special fondness for "Playboy Penguin" from the "8 Ball Bunny" Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes episode. ("Penguins is practically chicken, and I loves chicken", and the penguin crying tiny ice cube tears at the South Pole — heh!). Maybe you can find memorabilia for that character.

Cute question, and I hear you on the preference of cool over cutesy. I collect swan stuff, and a friend of mine warned me I might not want to tell too many people about that because they'd start giving me all kinds of swan crap, and most swan stuff is tacky. When I really started keeping an eye out for swan stuff I saw what she meant — God, those horrible plastic swan planters and 80s-era pink ceramic swans. However, part of the fun of collecting is the fact that what you are collecting is so rare. If it were too easy to collect something, your collection would soon grow out of bounds and there'd be no fun in it anyway. So the best thing to do is just keep an eye out wherever you go. A few years ago I found an awesome swan candelabra in a thrift store for $5, and on two different occasions in two thrift shops I found a set of four swan napkin rings (and to think I almost didn't buy the first set because there were "only four").

I also recommend that you consider making your own penguin stuff, because that really opens up your options. You can interpret your penguin-ness in your way in your choice of medium: origami, cross-stitched pillows or pictures, hooked rugs, sewing clothes out of penguin fabrics etc. I'm planning on making a swan stained glass panel for my bedroom closet window, cross-stitching a pair of pillows with a design based on the famous Walter Crane Art Nouveau swan wallpaper, and stencilling a swan on my mailbox.

Google search seems to have a few penguin crafts on offer. Some are really tacky, of course, or for kids, and you'll have to pick through and see what turns your crank. I like this penguin needlework from Etsy.
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If you're at all inclined toward kid-friendly MMOs, Club Penguin. Predictably, there are endless branded toys, books, and clothes.

I am not the CP fan that my daughter is, but I'm partial to the ninja penguin.
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Well, you should be using QQ for instant messenging. Asia is probably where you want to look for cutesy animal things. If you want to get an idea about what's out there, search China's ebay for "penguin" (企鹅). This link may or may not preserve the search. And then, if you find something you want to buy (and money is indeed no object), check out TaoBaoFieldGuide for information about international purchasing and shipping.
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Here an amended link for the penguin pendant.
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The best flannel sheets ever. I have this exact set and I adooooore them and I don't even like penguins!
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May I suggest Penguin Place for everything penguin. Got my wedding cake topper, among other things, from there. (You may enjoy the Proliferating Penguins coffee mug.)

I'm not available for collections, however.
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The infamous penguin waffle maker.
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Glass penguin figurine?

I adore penguins. I have 2 small clear glass penguin figurines with little gold wings and beaks. They were my grandmother's, so they're extra special.

How about a new home on the golf course in the town of Penguin, Tasmania?

Penguin ice bucket?

Penguin chair?
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A DVD of Aardman's The Wrong Trousers, featuring a penguin villain.
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My adopt a penguin ask me

Anything Linux? / Tux

Sanrio's BAD penguin, Badtz maru and Sanrio's CUTE GENTLEMANLY penguin, Tuxedo Sam
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Oh, and I also have a penguin martini shaker (example) (although he's a little unwieldy for mixing drinks. shh. dont tell him. i keep him for his looks.)
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Wine: The Little Penguin and Penguin Bay. MeMail me if you're interested in the Penguin Bay and can't find it near you...
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Bamboo Jewelry (not actually made of bamboo) has some penguin stuff. It's mostly earrings and pins, but a couple of necklaces, too, and they make gorgeous stuff.
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If you like live ones as well, how about an experience?

Our aviary has "Penguin Encounters" for $40. We were just at the aviary on Friday, and saw an adorable "Penguin Painting" show where they put down paint and let the penguins run through it onto canvas. Then the paintings are for sale in the gift shop. I can't imagine that this would be unique to our aviary - and would suspect that seeing your painting made would have more meaning for you. (So if price is truly no object, consider a road trip part of that price...)
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Original Penguin?
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Williams Sonoma has this water carbonator
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If you like video games, I bet you'd like Pengo, Pen Pen TriIcelon and Tux Racer.

Have you seen those Penguin mints? What about Antoinette Portis' great illustrations for that A Penguin Story childrens book, or Joelle Jolivet's art for 365 Penguins? (And there's Penguin Publishing, of course.)

If I liked penguins like you do, I'd get some penguin tattoos.
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Be careful what you ask for! When I began collecting penguin stuff back in 1975, they were hard to find. Almost 35 years later, I have a house full of penguins ( name it) and an attic stuffed with boxes filled with more penguins. About 85% of them were gifts. I say that as I'm sitting here wearing penguin socks drinking tea out of a penguin mug.........yet, of course I still had to favorite your post.

To answer your question, some of my favorites are prints/paintings, some penguin jewelry, a penguin "beverage" dispenser that squirts out of its beak about a shot's worth of liquid when you press its head (!), and a framed cover of an old Baltimore phone book with an illustration of penguins from the Baltimore zoo (or aquarium?) on it.

Enjoy your collecting - they are truly irresistible, aren't they?
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Penguin Humidifier.

So much cuter than you're expecting.
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Just tonight we broke out our 1L Penguin wine pitcher for a dinner party. These used to be the standard serving vessel for cheap house wine in Argentine restaurants.
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[self-post]: Penguin bumper stickers.
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Penguin decal, adorable on the toilet tank!
Penguin stationary!
Lots more penguin things on Etsy.
Badtz-Maru is Hello Kitty's penguin friend.
And you know of Pingu, I assume?
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A classmate's younger brother was in love with penguins, and asked her to get him something penguin-related when she and I went to India to study abroad. We were utterly perplexed, until one day when traveling I found a plastic plant container in the shape of a penguin. I'd scan in my photo, but alas it seems to have flown off.

So, do you know anyone who is going abroad? Could make a good story.
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Penguin biscuits!
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Seaworld has Penguin Encounters where you get to meet real live penguins, check out the habitat behind the scenes, etc. I did it last month and it was so totally cool (pun intended). :)
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i bought this toy (or something very similar) for a penguin-obsessed college friend once. I second the warning about becoming known as a collector of x object - for me it's moose and I can't get away from the damn things now.
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Beer: Brewdog Tactical Nuclear Penguin is being released.
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