What does the Venn intersection of journalists and inventors look like?
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I've been following the development of the CrunchPad with some interest. It's made me wonder, are there any famous examples in history of journalists also being successful inventors/innovators?
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Ben Franklin comes to mind.
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Christopher Sholes, typewriter. Not to be snarky, but the CrunchPad is not on the market yet, isn't it too early to call it a success?
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Response by poster: Who's calling the CrunchPad a success? It may well prove to be vapourware. My question is whether there are any historical examples of journalists also being successful inventors/innovators.
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Figures such as Dziga Vertov, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ernest Hemingway are certainly both journalists and innovators, through perhaps not "inventors" per se.
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The Wright Brothers:
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Best answer: I assume you mean technical inventors, not just innovators in their fields.

Rufus Porter might be one of the better examples, though Christopher Sholes is likely far more widely known. The most widely used product would of course be the one invented by László Bíró.

Online, there are a number of examples such as Adrian Holovaty and Om Malik [more].
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