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Where can I find these $10 shoes I found in Chicago, when I don't live there anymore?

I bought some shoes from Ragstock in Chicago, back in oh, I'll say April. They were only $10 and are now falling apart. I don't live there anymore, so I can't go into a store and buy some. I used to work there, and I was fired/quit right before I was going to buy a second pair.
They don't sell them on their website, they might not sell them anymore at all, and I know if I call the store they'll never want to specially ship something to me. (I was one of those people who would never help a customer with such a thing).

This is what they look like. Mind you, I bought them without the black laces or all the marker all over them.

I've looked in walmart (your source for cheaply produced things), but even theirs are too fancy-looking. They're not reeboks either (which I've also seen, reeboks look like mom shoes these days).
Mine weren't made for comfort. They weren't made for durability. They have no brand name; no markings but "Made in China" on the inside. But I love them! Where can I find something similar??
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They look like Keds knock-offs.
posted by Meg_Murry at 12:23 PM on November 15, 2009

Yeah, what Meg_Murry said.
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Definitely Keds knockoffs, Vans makes a version as well.

granted, both brands are a little pricier, and have a bit more detailing, but I'm sure any place that sells cheap shoes (try Target, payless, anywhere like that?) has a version.
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I imagine part of the problem you're having with finding them in stores is that it's offseason for this kind of shoe. Payless seems to have a version online.
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Urban Outfitters has some. Other styles there too.
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What city are you in? In New York they are just called "decks" and you can find them in shops in Chinatown for really cheap. They don't last very long, as you know, so maybe a branded version might be best?
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Response by poster: Ah, thanks guys.
Keds look most right, but there's a "shiny" version I will have to avoid.
I live in a little town now, so I might just have to wait a while for these.
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Try looking for lace-up canvas deck shoes.
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I've seen these at places like The Dollar General store.
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I grew up buying those shoes at Target - they'd wear out about the time my feet grew out of them! I believe I've seen them recently there as well, in all sorts of funky colors.
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I have a pair like that from Payless - they also come in black.
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