Who created this catchy, possibly Russian piece of music?
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What is the (possibly Russian?) piece of music in this video about a Moscow performance artist who shares his home with a llama? I think it includes an accordion and a mandolin.

Shazam was no help, and I don't really know where to go from there. There are some vocals starting around 0:40, although I'm unsure if they're lyrics in a foreign tongue or simply time-keeping nonsense sounds. I've found the video a few other places on the web (youtube, metacafe), but neither offers any credit as to the source of the clip or music credits. The footage itself seems to lifted directly from this clip, credited to ITN, but that's all I've got. Can you help me, hivemind?
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Response by poster: I should've mentioned that the first link seems to autoplay a spanish-language charmin ad, so... Sorry about that.

If no one knows what that particular piece of music is, I'd also appreciate suggestions of similar songs. TIA.
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I don't think the video has something to do with the music.

The music sounds like Russian, Gypsy, east European.

Take this as a start:

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It's cheesy Argentinian tango music - probably written by a commercial music firm. If you like this sound but want to hear something a great deal better, you'd probably really like Astor Piazzolla.
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wait...wut. sorry, the cheesy tango music was actually from an ad - not the spanish charmin ad - but I guess some other ad, and not the music you are speaking of. blarg.

Yes, that's most likely Eastern European. I'm sure you'd like a lot of Bulgarian music, Bartok, the rock band Beirut, Klezmer. Not that you won't like Piazzola also, because he is a badass.
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Sounds awfully like the circling part of the troika.
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