Help identify this retro triptoy grid-light ..thing
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A friend owns one of these antique (?) clear-plastic, free-standing, quasi-lite-bright type hobby-kit devices. The label/signature can be seen here. Just what the hell is it? (besides the obvious trip-toy type device). Bonus = it still works.
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That looks home-made.
posted by Chocolate Pickle at 12:09 PM on November 15, 2009

It still works? What does it do?
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Response by poster: @Chocolate Pickle:.... Thats what I said when I saw it too.. but the current owner says (I'm not exactly sure how he would know) that he was told the device was originally purchased already assembled. (but I'm skeptical.. looks pretty hobby/kit built to me)
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Response by poster: @box:.... flipping the small switch on the lower left edge.. after about 5 seconds.. all of the lights come on (in sequence) and then it flashes patterns (rows of lights transcending downward,.. then a diagonal pattern from top-right to lower-left.. then back to rows of lights transcending downward) .... it was at this point that I turned it back OFF... apprehensive I might overload the apartments ability to absorb retro-waves. .and accidentally transport us back into some Dr. Who alterna-verse.
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It looks like something that would be built by an electronics hobbyist to experiment with transformers and oscillators. I went through that phase, and it's definitely reminiscent of things I did. This looks pretty elaborate, so it's probable that it was built from a Radio Shack kit.
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