Apple is rejecting me
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For the past few days (maybe longer, I'm not sure), I have not been able to connect to or the iTunes store, nor update software with Software Update, on my 10.4.11 iMac, although I can connect to the rest of the 'net. just hangs; iTunes and Software Update tell me that there is something wrong with my network connection. I've had my firewall on, but turning it off has had no effect.

I'd scour the Apple forums but I can't get to them.
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I had something similar happen, though I don't remember trying the iTunes store or Software Update. Basically, Apple and a few other random sites like were suddenly broken for me. (Amazon wouldn't load images, for instance.) I noticed all of the web resources that failed to load were actually mirrored using Akamai, and that Akamai was assigning me a local mirror that was bogus (couldn't ping it, might not have even DNS-resolved).

It was a weird form of web exile, and I ended up using Akamai's contact form to beg them to fix it (told them my IP address and the mirror I was getting). Shortly afterwards the problem—which had been going on for several days—went away. So while it's a long shot, it might be worth trying to find other Akamai-hosted sites and seeing they load. Or at least running traceroute in Terminal.
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Some troubleshooting suggestions:

- Try another computer on your network
- Try changing your DNS server to OpenDNS
- Open a terminal and type "sudo pico /etc/hosts". If there's an entry, remove it and save (Ctrl+O, Ctrl+C)
- If you have little snitch installed, turn it off or uninstall
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Also, via horsemuth:

"can't hurt to flush the DNS. dscacheutil -flushcache"
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Thanks. It was DNS; don't know why I didn't think of that before I posted.
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