How to get iWork DVD working without SN?
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I'm here at my aunt and uncle's trying to install an iWork 2009 DVD they just bought. However, after installation, it asks for a serial number! Looking around on the web, I see that iWork 2009 on DVD has no serial number. One possible factor is that they had the iWork 2006 trial on their computer, which I deleted. I suspect that there is some errant file left over from this causing the issue, but I don't know. Any idea?
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You could call Apple.
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There seems to be a contradiction.

This page shows an iWork 09 screenshot that says "You'll find the serial number on the Installing iWork 09 booklet."

But then the article goes on to say Apple has stopped requiring it. Is there one on the booklet?

Otherwise, give Apple a call, they are usually pretty good about helping you figure things out.
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Once upon a time Claris (apple) asked for a serial number. There was an entry box and everything. The booklet just noted, with a smile, that the serial number field was to be left blank.
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are you sure you're starting the '09 versions? the "upgrade" doesn't upgrade - it installs alongside. (this is really annoying, as I had '08 icons in my Dock and always ended up starting the wrong version.) you'll want to trash the '06 trial, and maybe kill the Preferences if there are any. (Office:mac trials tend to screw up the prefs and make your purchased copy think it's the trial. I don't think iWork is bad about that but I can't remember ever using the trial.)

the retail box version of '09 doesn't have a serial, no, but the '06 version (and '08) did.
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