Movie producing mogul in six months?
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I read non-fiction story of a career change to a successful Hollywood movie producer. Help me find who it was and a copy of the story.

A man, who had achieved a high level of success in the business or possibly political world on the East Coast (?), decided to change careers. He moves out West. He takes six months and does little else than watch movies. He begins to notice that many of the good movies have people in common in the credits.

He jump starts his very successful producing career by using the insights gained by his six months of movie watching.

I read it over ten years ago, not sure when it was published. I believe it was part of a book, but not 100% sure.
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Could you be thinking of former hairstylist Jon Peters?
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I've misplaced my copy but was it in that career change book by Po Bronson?
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Best answer: I am pretty sure this story is discussed in Warren Bennis' book, On Becoming a Leader.
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Response by poster: Excellent.

It was Marty Kaplan in Bennis' book. Well, he wasn't a producer and it was six weeks, not six months. But that is definitely it.

Thanks! That has been bugging me for years!
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