Which form of bobsledding is best for spectating?
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Which form of bobsledding is best for spectating?

This weekend, northern Utahns have the opportunity of seeing the world cup of bobsledding/skeleton in Park City for free (http://bobsled.teamusa.org/news/article/28726) . If I only go to one event, which one should it be?

(I think I'd like to see skeleton most, but since that has already passed, what do you think would be most entertaining? Two-man tonight, or four-man tomorrow afternoon?)
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I can't see why 2-man and 4-man would be any different from each other.

If you want exciting then luge is your choice, but you didn't list that one.
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The only way I see 4 man being any different is the entrance into the sled at the top of course is more intricate.
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Hey all!

Thanks for your responses. We ended up going to the two-man for non-bobsled reasons... They did skeleton the day before which would have been my favorite, but the two-man was amazing! Seriously, even cooler than I expected it would be! My friend went to the four-man and reported that it was essentially the same, but like mmascolino noted that the entrance into the sled was much more intricate.

Thanks for the input!

P.S. "Cool Runnings" isn't far from the truth - there's lots of screaming and grunting at the starting line...And the athletes really are in tip top shape. Looking forward to seeing them in the Olympics!
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