Name that American folk painter
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This is driving me insane. What is the name of the 19th century American folk painter, called something like Franz Vogl, Kogl, Vogel, Fogel - something Austrian sounding - who drew very distinctive landscapes featuring buildings with mildly distorted perspectives and a lot of horizontal lines, usually titled below with calligraphic captions like "Miss Joanna Cunningham's House."

I thought I bookmarked this guy when I found him but apparently not. His paintings have sold in excess of $300k so he is not unheralded, and there was a .com in his name set up by a collector looking for works. Have exhausted everything trying to find him on google.
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Best answer: Fritz G. Vogt?
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Response by poster: I knew this wouldn't take long, but THANK YOU.

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Goddamn. I never thought I'd live to see non-euclidean geometry in action. Ia, ia, cthulhu etc.

(Seriously, fine arts drawing minor with my BA, and those hit the uncanny valley for me)
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