Suggest a really good statistical consultant?
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Does anyone know any good econometricians/statistical consultants who can help with high-level academic work? I am pretty good, but not good enough to solve a fairly hairy statistical issue.

I've hit a wall with a complicated STATA analysis involving decomposing variance, and need help developing an analytical solution to overcome a few problems with the underlying econometrics. Anyone out there ever worked with a good statistical consultant that they would recommend? Someone an econ/social science statistical background would be ideal.
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I'm gonna ask the obvious question since this is listed under education and I assume you are at some sort of university-type place. Have you already checked with the stats consultant/s on campus?
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If you're willing to pay, my friend consults at Deloite and was a formerly a professor of econometrics at a East Coast university. I doubt there's a problem in this area he cannot solve.
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Having asked around myself recently, I received the sad news that statisticians are just about the single most in-demand intellectual commodity nowadays. Graduates in that field often have accepted high-paying jobs even before they graduate. You may need Super Bowl tickets or whatever one dangles to land one of those.
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If you're willing to pay, my friend consults at Deloite...

Here's some examples of Deloitte's hourly rates.
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StickyCarpet: Holy crap. For comparison, this newsletter from the American Statistical Association has a lot of info on statisticians' consulting rates for various types of work.

Doesn't answer the question, but FYI.
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Argh - that's a PDF, by the way.
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