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Is there a website that can allow me to make a personalized webpage (similar to iGoogle) full of pictures, like a simple image gallery, and all I have to do is add link to the picture? I don't want thumbnails, I want the page to be scrollable and all pictures at 100%. This is for personal use only. I am too lazy to save pictures to my disk and make this in Dreamweaver, then upload for every picture, etc etc.
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Tabblo ?
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Yes, that's very similar to what I need, except I don't want to upload pictures from my disk, I just want to add links to pictures that are already online.
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Do you expect the service to take a copy of the image and store it locally in your "account", or just to use the link to display the image, wherever it is?

Because unless it's the first way, you're being InternetRude.
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I just need a link to the image. For example, if you were hungry, I would be mean and send you a page full of food porn.
It is for personal use, every now and then I stumble upon a picture of lovely yoga postures I would like to try, and I want to collect them all in one page.
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It can be stored on my account, I don't mind.
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Posterous ?

But as rokusan said, there are plenty of ways to be either just plain rude or violate copyright by linking to the wrong things in the wrong way. There's no such thing as "personal use" on the public internet.
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Seconding Tumblr.
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Thank you all, both Posterous and Tumblr look cool.
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Along the lines of Tumblr, there is this previous post.

These sites are mostly designed for sharing pictures that you just like, but you don't have to use the social networking features. You would sort of be using the service backwards of its intended use.
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