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I'm looking for an episode of a television show that I saw sometime in the 80s or 90s. In the show, some people - possibly those who had committed a crime - were marked with some kind of flesh-colored lump on their forehead.

While they had this mark, they could only communicate with other similarly marked people. They were clearly considered outsiders. Once the mark was removed (possibly with some kind of vacuum-like device) they returned back to "mainstream" society.

I thought it might have been a Twilight Zone episode but my b/f and I went through the DVD set and couldn't find it.
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If 90s and not TW, probably an episode of Outer Limits. Wikipedia should have a list of episodes.
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Best answer: It is Twilight Zone--"To See The Invisible Man".
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Response by poster: that's it pater. thanks!
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Interesting... I'd read the original story by Robert Silverberg and was experiencing some cognitive dissonance when you described it as a TV show. In the story, as I recall, the invisible are obliged to ignore each other as well.
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They have to ignore each other in the TV version as well, I think. Just a little bit of misremembering from the OP's part--not surprising after all these years.
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If I remember, he eventually becomes a hobo and hops in a boxcar with other homeless people, and they accept him. FIN
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