Help me watch the animals at home from a Mac cam
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What's a good wireless webcam for the Mac (OS 10.5.something) that works, without fuss, with the Orb software (ideally, for under $100)?

I'd like to monitor what the pets at home do all day, while I'm at work. I discovered Orb, and found that it works great with my iMac's built-in camera. Problem is, that limits me to viewing a small section of hallway visible from my office desk (and hearing occasional barks in the rest of the house).

What I'd like is either a wireless webcam, or a wired cam that has a cord which will stretch out into the hall. The cord would have to be 8 to 10 feet long, though, so that seems unlikely (is it possible to string USB cables together?). I'd like to keep the cost under $100. I do know about the new BT-1 cam, and might end up with that if I can't find anything cheaper. Has anyone used it with Orb?

Recommendations from people who have actually used a specific wireless webcam with their Mac, and were able to plug it in and have it work without complicated setup, are very much welcomed. If you've just Googled "wireless webcam mac" - I've done that already, thanks. I've downloaded the Macam software and gotten it to work with a cheapo Logitech camera but Orb does not recognize it.
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Sorry I can't help with the camera, but:

is it possible to string USB cables together?

It is possible, but once you're over 5m total length with simple cables things tend to get flaky. You need to get a special cable with a little repeater doohickey like this (NB: that's not an endorsement of that particular cable, just the first appropriate google result I got).

I gather you can string a few of those together to get to very silly lengths - something I haven't done, but a mate has.
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