Reference of Frames?
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I need an affordable framing place in NYC/Brooklyn!

I have about 10 prints I'd like framed for my wall, and many prints have somewhat unusual sizes that make it hard to find frames at various dollar stores and such. Ideally I'd like to drop off my prints at a store, discuss briefly which prints need matting and which just need regular frames, and pick them up the next week. I work just upstairs from a tony framing store in DUMBO, but if you've got a more affordable recommendation in Murray Hill or whatever, please send them my way!
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I've had good experiences ordering mattes and frames online. I've used a variety of companies and have always been pretty satisfied with the results. Obviously you miss out on discussing the framing aesthetics with professionals, but that's why it's cheap. Oh, and be sure to be very precise with your measurements. Good luck!
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I've had luck with Make a frame on Atlantic Avenue between Clinton and Court.
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