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Have a number of videos for display online. Need closed captioning option. How do I go about doing this?

So I'm doing a series of videos for the web, almost done, and now we're faced with the task of closed captioning them. I've never done this before.

The best case scenario is that they play online in the player, you click the CC button, and the captions appear. But I haven't seen an online video host with this feature, and I've never made a video with a hidden text track before. Everything is being done on Macs in Final Cut Pro.

Any suggestions, both in terms of how to make the videos, and what online host has these capabilities in their player?
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Doesn't YouTube do exactly this?
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Check this out.
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Response by poster: Wow, they do. I'm not sure if YouTube is the best option for this project however, any other options?

(don't mean to shut this helpful answer down, just not sure if client will want the videos hosted on YouTube)
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You can roll your own with JW Player
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Overstream lets you add captions to videos from many other places, such as Youtube. I haven't tested this.

It's been a while, but the last time I made captions, I used Subtitle Workshop, a Windows app. Looking around, Jubler looks good, & Transcriptions might be helpful, & has gotten much positive attention.
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