Recommendations for laser eye surgery in London
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Recommendations for laser eye surgery in London

I have been thinking about laser eye surgery for some time. Last month my optician confirmed that my prescription has been stable for long enough that I am now (at 33) a viable candidate. Obviously I’ll look to an ophthalmologist for a definitive view but I’m now interested in taking the next step.

So then, what was your experience with laser eye surgery? Did you use someone in London; were you impressed? What did it cost? Any recommendations on the various available procedures? My sense is that the various procedures are safe but I would really like to avoid halo effects while driving at night.

Finally – and this might be a deal breaker – I would be happy to use eyedrops for a period following the procedure but a year sounds like a hard act to follow; the rest of your life sounds positively onerous.

Additional details: shortsighted by 1.5 in both eyes with mild astigmatism.
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Best answer: It depends on how much you want to pay.

The recommendation from people working in the field - and my ophthalmologist sister-in-law gave me this as a personal recommendation - is David Gartry at Moorfields, who is the guy ophthalmologists apparently go to for laser eye surgery.

He's not cheap, and I'm told he will turn you away if you aren't suitable. Which is kinda what you want.
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Oh, and forgot to add: definitely go look here, which has reviews, costs etc.

If you go and see David Gartry, he charges about £150 for an initial consultation, at which point you can get an answer to all your questions, with answers obviously tailored for your specific condition.
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Best answer: I had mine done (rather than LASIK) at the Centre For Sight as soon as my prescription stabilised. The consultation was in London but the actual hospital is in East Grinstead which isn't too hard to get to.

It was £1500 an eye so not cheap but by far the best thing I've ever spent money on. It was IntraLASIK rather than LASIK which made it more expensive but is supposed to reduce the risk of various things, including the need to use eye drops.

Surgery took about five minutes and then I could already see virtually perfectly. Kept them shut and rested for 24 hours and then I was out and about. There is an eyedrop and safety regime (no water, no sports) for a while but it wasn't especially onerous. There was also haloing at night which started off quite severely but then dropped away and was completely gone after three months. Like I said, best thing I've done and never regretted it.
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