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How come Adsense revenue is so random?

I've recently joined the YouTube partnership program and as such have started to have some pennies trickle in. ($16 so far...retirement here I come!)

I've noticed that the amount I earn is seemingly unrelated to page impressions, click thru and all that jazz. I mean it obviously influences it, but not in any consistent way.

Today for example I made about 50c for 1200 page impressions and one click (KERCHING!) but a couple of days ago I had nearly 1500 impressions, a whopping 4 clicks and less bang for my buck - only 35c.

What gives? What's the hidden factor?

If you want me, I'll be at the airport polishing the new private jet...
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I wonder if there's latency in the calculation, so that the 50 cents you saw today wasn't for today's activity.
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There are too many variables to reliably track here, including the relevance and the quality of the ads that are being displayed. It doesn't help that your sample size is comparatively small.

The quality of the ads and the keywords being cycled are what impacts the CPC--cost per click. The more expensive the keyword, the higher the price advertisers pay for a click--and you split that revenue with Google.

My Adsense was sad today: 109 impressions, 2 clicks, $0.11.

(On Google Connect Commerce, where I have a commissioned/affiliate arrangement, and thus earn a percentage of sales made through my site, I earned $10.80 today on 2 transactions on 52 clickthroughs on 332 visitors--but my site is themed to my affiliate merchant, so my clickthrough rate is *ASTRONOMICAL*—they ran a one-day mini sale earlier this month and I had 154 clickthroughs, 18 transactions, and $72 earned. Not too shabby on 300-ish visitors. Though to be fair, there's a 30-day retention, so any sale made within 30 days of a clickthrough gets commission, though I don't get paid PER click for those.)

It's not a latency issue--the stats they report for a given day are consistent with your earnings for that day. Just remember there's a lot of randomness, including the quality of the ads, the quality/gullibility of the visitors, and the price the advertisers are willing to pay.

Just sit back and watch the cash roll in!
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It's not latency, it's small sample size.

Your averages will make sense. Trying to make sense of a few clicks or a few thousand pages is the path to madness.
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