Wine Advocate?
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Are there any wine review sites similar to Beer Advocate or Rate Beer?

I'm looking for a site with a database that hits nearly everything in the world with a good amount of user reviews for reasonably popular wines.

BA and Rate Beer really helped me when learning about beer and how to appreciate it. They gave me a frame of reference for what I was tasting and what others tasted in the beer.

When I try to find reviews for wines I maybe find one or two and otherwise just links to online liquor stores or generic epinions type crap.
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I'll be watching these answers, too.
Here's a few lame sites but I think you may need to join a wine club to get the best reviews.

Robert Parker.
This guy, Gary Vaynerchuk, he's kinda entertaining.
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I use CellarTracker as my wine analogue for Beer Advocate, although I often get the feeling that I am not really worthy to read the user reviews.
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2-ing dfan re. CellarTracker. CellarTracker will often pull in published reviews from various sites, too. For information and reviews on particular types of wines (but not a huge database full), the Wall Street Journal Weekend wine columns are pretty good and interesting to read. Look for the "Tastings" column here. (Linking to base food/wine page, as there's a lot of other "adult beverage" coverage at the Journal).
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