Help finding a version of Pink Floyd's "Echoes"
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Where can I find the full length rendition of this version of Pink Floyd's Echoes?

One of the best documentaries I have ever seen is "Peyote to LSD: A Psychedelic Odyssey." The soundtrack uses some version of "Echoes" I've never heard before and it's killing me that I cannot find it. Help!

Here's a clip of the documentary; the music in question begins about 15 seconds in and continues until 1:05 into this video.

For reference, here's the "Live at Pompeii" version and the similar part is around 7:00 - 9:40.
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Hmmm. It's quite possible that it isn't Pink Floyd, but a cover of Echoes from someone else. The groove and feel doesn't sound like Pink Floyd and the guitar playing doesn't really sound like David Gilmour. But I could be wrong. Maybe it is from the last concert where David Gilmour and Richard Wright played Echoes in its entirety, Live in Gdańsk, which came out in the same year as the documentary.
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Best answer: I'm not a devout Floyd fan, but the wiki page on Echoes lists early versions, though doesn't mention the availability of these alternative takes and pieces.

Sadly, IMDb only lists one song for the moment. You could always contact Gryphon Productions and ask them directly, if the song isn't listed in the credits at the end of the film.
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Hard to tell buried under the narration, but that doesn't quite sound like Gilmour to me. The tone is off.
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I'm voting "not Floyd" as well. Allmusic lists ~500 songs titled "Echoes," though many are not Gilmour/Waters/Mason/Wright. You could page through there in an hour or so to get some leads while you wait for a reply from the producers.
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It sounds to me like they mixed a guitar over the song but I have only my ears to substantiate my claim.
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Response by poster: I just had a phone conversation with the producer of the documentary (thanks to filthy light thief for the url) and those who said "not Floyd" are absolutely correct.
The producer had Echoes in mind when he tasked the composer (Michael Richard Plowman) with the music for that scene. So it was inspired by Echoes, but crafted explicitly for the documentary.
Thanks all!
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Response by poster: Oh, and I should mention the producer is Peter von Puttkamer and he has some very interesting projects on his resume.
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