Figuring out if a bank loan has been charged off?
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Figuring out if a bank loan has been charged off?

Is it possible to find out if one particular loan made by one particular bank has been charged off (or "written off")? The details, as much as I can relate: it is a single loan (not securitized), for millions of dollars. It is a mortgage loan, I checked the recording documents and can see that the mortgage has not been officially discharged. No news reports about Bank X writing off Big Loan, no analyst reports discussing it. I'm not turning up anything useful at the FDIC or OCC sites, but could be missing something. Nothing in the SEC filings for Bank X. Is there anywhere that would have a record of big loan write-offs? It seems like something that should be reported -somewhere- . I thought of credit reports, but Lendee is a company, not a person. This is in the US.
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Have you looked at the financials for the lendee? Can you?
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follow-up from the OP
The lendee is the entity wondering if the loan has been charged off. Financials are not available to me, they are a private company (I am a librarian trying to figure this out through a third party). The bank is a public company.
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