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I remember reading a book about some girls who were in a hospital and they had this really terrific nurse who came and played games with them and stuff at night. The book didn't take place in the US...they were in Germany or the Netherlands, I think. At the end it turned out that the nurse was a ghost or didn't exist, something like that. I remember reading this a bunch of times back when I was a kid. (This would have been in the 70s or very early 80s but it may have been published before then) Does anyone remember what this book was called or is it just a product of my imagination?
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Was it a picture book? Could it have been a short story? I don't have a title in mind - just trying to find out some more info to make searching for it easier.
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The story you described sounds like The secret Garden.
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It doesn't sound like the Secret Garden to me...
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Response by poster: It wasn't a picture book. It was a short novel, aimed at grade school-age readers. I didn't own this book, but I checked it out from my local library, so it wouldn't have been anything super-obscure back then.
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I am stumped. I have an email out to a friend who is good with children's books - if you are still looking for an answer.
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