Where can I find a discontinued LUSH product?
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Where can I find LUSH's discontinued Sweet Japanese Girl?

LUSH's US stores have discontinued their Sweet Japanese Girl, and I want to scoop up as many bars of it as I can before it totally disappears. Questionable naming practices aside, I love this product's cleansing and exfoliating properties, and it's the only thing that clears my blackheads. Before using it, I'd never understood what "glowing skin" was.

It seems that LUSH's Australia stores are selling it (I linked to it above), but shipping costs make it out of my reach, financially. I've tried eBay and Makeup Alley swaps, and I'll hit up my local LUSH shop soon as well to see if they still have it in stock.

Do you know where I can find this product? Otherwise, are there comparable products out there? I've found this recipe online, but I'm not sure I want to make my own beauty products. I've also checked Etsy.
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I also mourned the loss of this product, but am not missing it at all since I started using the oil cleansing method (i.e. washing the face with nothing but olive oil / castor oil / whatever oil ). I suspect the glowing skin is really due to all the oil, and not any particular magic about Sweet Japanese Girl. And holy CRAP is my skin ever glowing since I started doing this OCM business.
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Response by poster: I've been considering the oil-cleansing method, but have been sort of stunned by all the various techniques. Which version of the method do you use?
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There's some discussion of the oil cleansing method in this thread. I don't use the method, as such; I just gently run a warm washcloth over my face and then gently massage olive oil over my face and run the cloth over my face again.
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Lush Canada has this cleanser that I think is the same thing. IIRC they changed the name a few years back. I'm not sure if the shipping would be any better than what you want but it is a possibility.
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Lush's Babyface (like beautifulcheese linked to) is similar in that it's an solid oil cleansing bar. I really love Babyface, but alas, it doesn't have the scrubbies that Sweet Japanese Girl does, so I'd recommend it for cleansing but you might want an additional exfoliator. Have you tried Lush Ocean Salt? It's pricy, but a nice face scrub.
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I'd recommend DHC's deep cleansing oil, which is world's best makeup remover and very gentle, followed by Lush's Angels on Bare Skin if you'd like to add some gentle exfoliation.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to try the oil cleansing method, followed with an exfoliant, as some of you have suggested. I can't stand the smell of Angels on Bare Skin, so I may just use salt as a scrub. Or maybe I'll try grinding some adzuki beans, which seems to be the scrubby ingredient in Sweet Japanese Girl.

bearwife, do you find that you have to follow the DHC with another cleanser? A lot of the folks at MUA were suggesting it.
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I just use olive oil on my face (as that was all I had at home when I decided to start). Rub it in for a while, then drape a hot washcloth over the face for a minute or so. Wipe away any excess oil. Sometimes my face will feel dry after this, so I'll use a bit of moisturizer. The washcloth does some gentle exfoliation, but sometimes I'll use an aspirin mask for extra exfoliating fun.
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Sorry for the slow answer -- we had a power outage last night in the middle of my first effort.

The DHC will work all by itself, no followup. I tend to pile on the Lush, though, so I do follow up by washing with Aqua Marina or Angels on Bare Skin (I alternate each night.) And just in case you like night time moisturizers, as I do, I really recommend Skin's Shangri La.

No worries if you just use the DHC, though.
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Those postage costs are crazy.

The bar weighs 35g. You can send up to 250g from Australia to the US for under $10 airmail.

If you decide you can't do without the bars, feel free to email me and we can work something out.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Georgina! That's such a generous offer. I might take you up on it, once I make it to my local LUSH store here and clear them out of any remaining supply.
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