Is there an existing greasemonkey script, firefox plugin, etc, that will help me enter data into forms?
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Is there an existing greasemonkey script, firefox plugin, etc, that will help me enter data into forms?

Basically I have a web application that our company uses for bug tracking. The field where you enter most of the data is a regular textbox, that accepts HTML. Our process is to fill out a "form" and put it in this box - we have a template that we paste in and then type the data in. This is a bit tedious to say the least, error prone, etc.

I'd like to have a script that lets me "add" a button above or below the textbox, which will pop up a window with a user-defined form (checkboxes, radios, text widgets, maybe calendar widget, etc) and let me enter data that way. When I'm done it pastes this into the form in html.

I'm having trouble even figuring out good search terms for this so I come up with tons of greasemonkey scripts but it's mostly little one offs for facebook or mafiawars or something like that.
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Roboform. One click form filling.
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Hmm, that's not quite what I'm after.

Here's an example... Say I wanted to write an album review. I only have a text box to paste text into. My editor wants it to be in this form:

Year Released:
Review: 2009
blah blah blah blah

So I have an html template that looks the way it should, but with all the fields blank. I copy it into the text box and type in the artist name, album name, year released and my review.

What I'd like is something that pops up and actually gives me a form to enter this stuff in, then when I'm done pastes it into the text box in html, formatted the way I want.
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Heh, see, I put the year in the wrong place as I was typing. This is the problem I have, when I have to edit a bit of text I am much more likely to get it wrong.
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Sounds like something your whole company should have to improve data entry accuracy.

It's definitely possible in GreaseMonkey, but most of it will end up being another little web application all its own. Perhaps you should draw up some sketches and take it to management for a budget?

(I'd call it a form preformatter or preprocessor).
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I definitely plan to have everyone use it. There are several spots in our bug tracking interface where it would be extremely useful.
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I'm not 100% clear on what you're looking for, but I've used Tamper Data add-on for Firefox to trace http requests and then modify form parameters before resubmitting the request. It's great for POST requests where you'd like to monitor and modify parameters but don't have access to them.
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google docs lets you create forms that feed into excel (as I've used them), you might be able to make that work for you.
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