Give My New Computer An Uncluttered Home
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I'm getting a 27" iMac soon. I have a corner hutch/desk and it is full of much necessary equipment (2 printers, fax). Help me unclutter and redesign my working space for the new computer. I don't want to block the light coming in the window.
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I'd start by getting the gadgets and cables under control. That pegboard is mounted under the desk, but really, it can go anywhere. Like against the wall under your hutch.
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Off the bat:

- Move your cable modem and airpot router to the top shelf behind the picture frames. Do you really need to get to them, ever?
- Get some cable management system going. Even tying those cables together can help immensely. Also, mount your surge protector underneath the desk.
- If you don't mind losing some light, I'd move the imac to be in front of the keyboard tray, and have that half of the desk be your "work" zone while the other half is the "stuff". You can have phone - imac on that side, the fax machine int he corner (depending on how often you use the fax machine) with the printer still where it is.
- I doubt those speakers are nicer than the ones built into the 27" imac, but I could be wrong. Do a test and if the imac speakers sound OK, ditch those desktops. You'll appreciate the space and declutter
- Organize those bookshelves, and move your books up there. Non-commonly used office supplies can go in an organizer up there as well.
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This may be a stupid question, but could you get rid of the two printers and fax and replace them with a single, multi-function unit? That would free up a whole bunch of space for you.
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Can the keyboard tray be moved to the other part of the "L"? And I agree on the cable management issue -- if you tidy up first, tackling your existing issue of where to put stuff will seem easier. (I am still working on the clutter issue as well.) I like the idea of moving the modem and router to the shelves (I've done something similar in my office and it really helps free up space -- you rarely need to touch them). That printer is gigantic -- could it get its own little table? You're going to have two giant pieces of equipment on one moderately sized desk. Or maybe set up a small stool or monitor stand for the large printer that goes under half of your desk? You're going to have to hook everything up again to the new computer -- good time to figure out the cable thing.
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I hate to break it to you, but you will probably want to block the light coming in from the window, because that iMac has a glossy screen that will reflect sunlight beautifully.

I agree with everything said above. I've got a snake tray that I bought at Ikea and attached to my non-Ikea deskā€”this has all my cables wound up in it. I built a tiny, shallow shelf under the desk where my backup drive lives (and other small gadgets that you don't interact with also could live).

Try getting rid of everything on your desk and put it somewhere else. Only add it back when you discover yes, you really need it on your desk.

Consider getting a cordless phone with a small pedestal.

Finally, on the ergonomic front, I would recommend getting the iMac directly behind the keyboard, not off to the side and facing at an angle.
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And if you do anything special, you'll post an after picture, right? I love desk rehabs.
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