How to game my Google search results?
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What are some good IT-related, or editorial-related, blogs and sites on which to comment, so that if my name is Googled by potential employers, these comments will show in the search rankings? I'm not trying to get my name out there, what I'm trying to do is: kick some old and irrelevant Google search results down, so that relevant and current interests show up first.

I'm doing copy editing work at the moment and have some background in web development, though my skills are not as sharp as they should be, and I'm trying to learn more. Ideally, early next year, I'd be searching for a job that requires more web editing and/or development.

But in today's job search process I'm well aware that potential employers will Google me, and while my social media profiles are professional and fine, I don't have much else that shows aside from a few arts section reviews I wrote for a college journal, years ago. They're not the worst thing in the world, but way too snarky, so I don't like them now and they probably don't present me in the best light. I'm embarrassed of the attitude I've had in the past, basically.

What are some sites I should be reading and commenting on now, just for talking shop? I need sites that would 1) be useful places to comment and ask questions about web development and design processes, user experience, social media, web editing and where I could comment under my own name, where comments are Google indexed & thus show up if someone Googles me? For instance, I used to read A List Apart religiously, but I am out of touch, the web moves so fast! There must be more sites to recommend like this. Thanks!
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It seems to me that the easiest way to find that out is to google your own name and see what sites come up early. Then do more commenting on them.
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Response by poster: Yes, I've tried that. That's why I'm asking! I haven't commented on any sites under my name, is the thing! Only with a username and that was snarking on music blogs, long ago, which is not something I care to do now. But I don't know on which sites I should be reading/commenting.
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I'd comment on Stack Overflow IF you have good answers to contribute. I think if I were googling a prospective employee and found that she was super helpful on Stack Overflow it would be a big point in her favor.
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I'm afraid I'm not too well up on the big blogs in this area, but reading your question, it occurs to me to wonder --- why don't you slap up a blog under your own name, at wordpress or blogspot, and use it as a kind of scratchpad for the kinds of things you're talking about? Throw up links to interesting articles in your field and comment on them? It ought to get you much better play than comments on someone else's site, and it will be easy to refer to later when you want to refresh yourself on some of these topics, plus you can use it as a platform for showcasing any longer pieces you may have that aren't so snarky and are related to your career. Better still register your name as a domain and run it under that. That way, the first thing that comes up when someone googles you won't be you chatting on other people's sites, it will be you running your own site and offering your own opinions on the topics of concern for your field.
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Diablevert has a very good point. I would recommend this HIGHLY. This way, people can sort of gauge what kind of things you enjoy, and have quick access to a contact link or other cool website stuff.

Personally I find having a web presence is very useful, and I've wrestled it into my favor by sticking to my name and building a website from scratch. There are a few unfortunate people who share my name and have been forced to use initials to differentiate themselves! Ha!
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How about creating another metafilter account with your full name as the username and use it solely to post things you'd want potential employers to see . Such as leaving relevant answers in questions that are related to web development, social media, etc. Because this question has been up for less than two hours and hey look.

Just don't post with that account about all the times you got snockered and somehow ended up in Seattle. Or the time you went squawking down the street in your birthday suit.
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NEOWIN is a great site for all things it related. BEst site i have ever come across. They are a site mainly for windows but do linux and apple news and topics also.
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Make sure you have a LinkedIn profile, as they tend to come up very high in Google. Also make sure you have filled out your Google Profile, as it is supposed to take precedence in search results. Mine never does, but I'm guessing that may have something to do with sharing a name with a celebrity.
posted by COD at 6:02 AM on November 12, 2009 [1 favorite] is a good IT blog where you can answer user submitted questions. There is an annual fee to have an account, but it's along the lines of $30 or something. It's worth having an account there anyway, because it's an invaluable resource for troubleshooting.
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