Where is this powder coming from?
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What is the name of the technology that produces powder (that verifies authenticity, I suppose) when you bend a drivers license or other ID card?

My friend has a New York Drivers License (maybe not the newest one, but still pretty new). If you bend the license, it releases a kind of powder, presumably to verify its authenticity. I'm really curious about the technology (and not because I'm trying to make a fake ID, it is just an interesting technique), and I'm having a hard time googling for more info. Does anyone know what this security technique is called? What other states use it? Where I can find out more?
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I don't know that the powder release is actually intentional, but NYS ID cards are made out of a material called teslin.
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I have a NYC drivers license and bending it does not appear to release any powder.
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Maybe only the fake ones release powder!
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I can't imagine that's intentional.

The supply of powder has to be limited. So, if you're a big boozer or a smoker, you're going to get carded nearly every day. At some point the powder will run out. And then your card looks fake.
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I'd imagine the powder is a byproduct of the printing or manufacturing process.
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Are you sure it's verifying its authenticity, as opposed to its usefulness for chopping and shaping lines?
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Have a NYS driver's license and have not noticed any powder.
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Just got a new NYS drivers license less than a week ago. No powder. I think you're friend might be pulling a prank on you.
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You sure they aren't bending the license to see the holographic decal?
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You sure they aren't bending the license to see the holographic decal?

Honestly, my guess is that they are bending it to find fake holograms. Usually they are done by printing a design on the outside in fancy ink and I imagine that bending it could flake it off since it's just printed ink.
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