How do I link my talking head with powerpoint to stream it?
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I gave a presentation which was recorded (in digital and video formats), but my (powerpoint) slides were not in the frame. How do I best make the full presentation experience available in internet streaming form?

I have a powerpoint with a lot of cues, so one suggestion was to make another video of the slides changing as I cover the topics, and then splice them together. (this is to say, its not sufficient to say 'next slide')

Another possibility was I could splice the visual of the slide over the speaker video- both seem time consuming and I'm pretty sure I'm not the best person to do this. While one alternative is to offer a link to the powerpoint, I'm not comfortable offering the powerpoint for complete download.

Best case, I would like to stream the presentation (30 minutes) and give the viewer the choice to watch either the speaker or the slides as they cycle through. What tools might I use to do this, or are there programs which will easily help me splice the material? What are the best places for posting something of this length? Are there tools which will help me keep track of the number of times it has been viewed?
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Use either Adobe Presenter or Articulate Presenter, which can take Powerpoint slides and synchronize them with existing audio or video. The output is Flash, and works very nicely. Here's an example - it doesn't have video, but the principle is the same. Video would typically be shown in the sidebar.

Neither is free, but the 30-day trial should be sufficient for your needs. I've worked with Adobe Presenter a decent amount, so feel free to memail me if you have specific questions.
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You know, I use windows movie maker and imovie most of the time when I make films because, well, I'm broke. It's not that hard to splice in a slide.

How To:

1. open your video
2. import your slides that you'd like to add in
3. on the timeline bar at the bottom of the page you'll see both your audio and your video
4. play your video until you come to a point when you would like to add a slide.
5. pause your video and splice it at that point (you may need to reference the help section for this part) then you have two separate clips.
6. decide how long you'd like the slide to appear for and delete that much of your video (i.e. say you want it for 5 seconds, you'd want to shorten the video by either clicking on the edge of it and dragging it or splicing it again, 5 seconds further down.)
7. Drag your slide onto the timeline at the desired spot
8. adjust the time of the slide either by stretching it with your mouse or by typing it in (another time to reference the help section if you're having trouble)
9. play that section and be sure that the clip is flowing as you'd like, and be sure that the audio matches up with the video after the slide.
10. save it and repeat.

I know that when I have made films with Windows Movie maker it imports video as clips already, so you may be able to skip the splicing step if you find a convenient spot in your film.

Hope that helps!
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