Need insurance for my future pregnant self
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I need help finding insurance for now and for my future pregnant self. Possible issue I'm told: I'm in Texas.

I want to change insurance carriers. I have an individual PPO at the moment. It does not cover IVF or maternity and the child unless something goes wrong. I would like to have insurance that does cover these areas. I am not pregnant but I do have a possible pre-existing condition (not yet confirmed for sure) which would make it harder to switch. I'm told being in Texas makes this even harder for me.

Where can I go that does not cost more than a few hundred a month and has all of the above?

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Grablife, I gotta tell you, your best option is to get a job and get coverage that way before you start trying for a child, or have your partner put you on their insurance, if you have one. Individual coverage, especially as a woman, especially with a pre-existing condition, especially if you want IVF, is either going to be nonexistent or expensive to find. More so if/when a child is born.

In your case, it may not be so much that you're in Texas as that you're looking for individual insurance. Which is a bitch to buy pretty much anywhere.
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I should have mentioned that I'm self employed/independent worker/whatever. I figure I'd have to get individual like I have now rather than group.
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Yeah the main problem (other than being turned down because of a pre-existing condition) is that in Texas individual plans don't cover maternity care. They don't have to, so they don't. It sucks and it is stupid but that is life in Texas. Some plans have an optional maternity rider that you can purchase, of course you usually have to purchase it BEFORE you get pregnant for it to work. I don't know the specifics of all the different plans but I know that bcbstx and humana are big individual insurers in our lovely state.

If you happen to be in one of these areas you should look at the Scott & White health plan, it is actually pretty extensive but is really more like an HMO since you stay within their network of care providers. I know someone who just switched onto it (same issue, he and his wife were planning on having more kids but needed to get individual coverage) and they have been really pleased so far with the level of service.
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