What is this reggae song?
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ReggaeFilter: What is this reggae song I heard on the radio?

All I remember are the lines "For everything that I do/I give my praise to the emperor/For everything that I do/I give my praise to the king" or some permutation thereof.

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These lyrics do not match the ones you remember but it made me think of this song by Matisyahu.
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My iTunes database shows I have 92 reggae songs with "praise" in the title - it's a common themse, giving thanks and praise! I don't have time to listen to all the ones it could be, but if you can narrow down its rough date of release or any other details, that might help me find it.
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Response by poster: Dee- The best I can do to narrowing it down is that it was on an NYC radio station at roughly 1 AM on October 17th. Not particularly useful, I know.
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If you know the radio station, call them. They keep logs.
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There's a reggae song by Sherwin Gardner called "To the King" that sort of sounds like your line. The hook repeats the words/phrases "everything," "give," and "to the king" a whole lot, but not quite in your configuration.

Here's a youtube vid.

Warning - it's way christian reggae.
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It sounds like Rocker-T. The themes of *King* and *Emporor* are common. Have a listen at his songs that archive.org has for free. See if this doesn't ring da bell.
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