Can I get to NJ from NYC later than the last train at 1:37 a.m.?
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I live in Northern NJ and like to stay out late in NYC. My problem is the train's latest return trip to NJ is at 137am. How can I get home later? Is there a PATH station that has ample parking at night? I'm new to the area and would appreciate the help. Thanks!
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Where in northern NJ? Can you offer more details? No car? No desire to park in NYC? What?
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Response by poster: I live in West Orange.. I have a car and can drive to a PATh or train station.. I'd rather not park in the city as I lke to enjoy a few drinks while I'm out...
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There's a parking garage in Hoboken that's open all night. There's a path nearby. I don't remember the streetname though. If you are meeting up with others, you could always consider sharing a room for $60 dollars or so with a friend. You'll find lots of rooms at, and they're actually nice places.
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So, why not park at Harrison? No scenic, not super safe, but not horrible. Or, Hoboken has plenty of all-night parking.
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(Harrison=PATH stop; runs all night)
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Response by poster: Where is this plenty of all-nite parking in Hoboken?
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Response by poster: Harrison => NYC is about 42 min b/c you Have to transfer.
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There are two or three multi-level parking garages a few blocks north of the PATH station in Hoboken, between River and Washington (I believe on River).
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The Pavonia/Newport PATH station in Jersey City is right next to a very large parking garage. I've never had a problem finding a parking space, but it could cost upwards of $20 if you park overnight.

Of course the late night PATH trains go to Hoboken before they go to Jersey City, but it only adds 10 minutes or so to your trip...
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There remains in Manhattan streets where you can park, for free, with not a great deal of difficulty. Email me and I'll tell you how. [offer limited to Seinfeld]
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Face it: Your in NJ, Mr. S. getting to NYC will never be a breeze.
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On the weekend, it's fairly easy to park in the financial district of Manhattan.
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PP, it actually can be rather easy. I drive to Jersey City and park by the Grove PATH station. There's always parking, the ride is about 15 minutes, and leaving it there overnight (like I did last night) works fine.
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Just don't take my spot, seinfeld.
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Response by poster: adampsyche, can you gie me directions to exactly were you park? that sounds perfect! does it cost to park?

i live right off 280.
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Seinfeld, the parking garage is right above the Grove St PATH station -- corner of Grove and Columbus. Just circle the block to find the entrance; it's easy peasy and you should have no problem MapQuesting it. It's a perfectly safe neighborhood (downtown JC is very gentrified these days) and there's a clean 24 hour deli right on the block there if you get the munchies. And it will unquestionably be cheaper than parking in Hoboken, where there seem to be more cars than people.

Also, are you sure that the last train is at 1:37? They might count later trains as part of the next day's schedule (i.e. Early Sunday rather than Late Saturday), so you might want to double check.
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Response by poster: Yes , bcwinters, the last train leaves NYC at 137 ... Next train is at 711 next morning.

Thanks for the directions. I'll look it up.
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OH MY GOD..a PATH station with ample parking?? thank you for the best laugh of my weekend so far. Well, I was laughing until I read adampsyche's post about Grove Street. Adam, do you know what the rates are for daily parking? Sometimes I drive to work in Hoboken from Brooklyn and it's a nightmare. If I drove to Grove St. and parked I could take the PATH to Hoboken.
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Sleep in the train or bus station over night, well at least for the several hours until that 5 AM ride. Make sure you buy your ticket first then the cops won't kick you out of the station.

This is easier when you are still in college or about that age. If it is a rare event and you have a real job - car service.
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Quick question: if you don't want to drive, how will driving to the PATH station help?

That said, look at buses from Decamp or NJ Transit. Some of these may run later and go closer to your home than the PATH train.

Always remember also that you can take the PATH to Hoboken and then catch a cab home from the taxi stand outside the train station there. It's about $40 to Montclair, cheaper than a hotel room.
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What about Journal Square? 24x7, and more accessible than Harrison.
If you are not *well* eonugh to drive, stay in NYC. The last decamp 66 bus to W.O. is an hour earlier than the train time you mentioned.
Have fun.
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i only go there generally after hours, so i can't speak for work commuting. i find parking every time i go there after work or on the weekends, though.
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I didn't see it mentioned, but if you have a date (or meet one while out) and they're not interested in the economy of taking the PATH home, you can plan to park in hoboken or jersey city, take the PATH there, and when you want to go home, just catch a cab. Slightly more expensive, but it speeds you on your way home, much nicer than slouching at the PATH station at 2:00 in the morning if you are drunk or tired.

Also, re: SongDog's suggestion, if you take a cab to hoboken and then a second cab to your house, it's still cheaper than one cab for both - NJ has better long distance rates (makes me wonder if parking at Newark Airport might be economically efficient for a 2 cab plan or even the new airport shuttle - although I've never tried it)
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