Getting a Calculation Field to Refresh
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Filemaker 8: I'm having trouble getting a calculation field to refresh when the data changes.

I have three tables.

Table 1: Customer [customer::customerName; customer::sumCost]
Table 2: Product [product::customerName; product::ID, product::option]
Table 3: Cost [cost::ID; cost::cost]

In a Customer layout, I have a portal for Product. Depending on the product options selected, the database will get the cost from the Cost table. When I change a product option in a row in the table, the cost updates instantly. However, I have a sum field in the Customer table that sums the costs for all the rows in the portal, and it won't update to the new values until I click outside of the portal. Ideally, it would update instantly. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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It won't update until the record commits, which is accomplished by exiting the field - that's FileMaker. You can't change that. The portal row updates because you are exiting the field in the related record.
posted by mosk at 12:09 AM on November 11, 2009

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