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A two parter: 1. I remember reading a quote by someone along the lines of 'every new 'killer web app' is a unix app. google=grep; facebook=wall; etc. Can you help me find this please? 2. Now that you grok the idea, can you tell me more analogs of unix vs web apps? Which unix apps are yet to be made webby? Which have been, but badly implemented? Which are your favorite unix apps? Etc.
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Best answer: Marc Hedlund, via Kottke.
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Instant messenger = talk
Facebook = finger
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hmmm. twitter = syslogd?

I have many favorite unix apps, but one that I have a particular fondness for is "tee". When I was leaning unix (Sun OS 4.1.3, I think it was) one of the first things I learned about was the "pipe" metaphor. At some point, I wanted to view the output of a certain process but also save the output to a file. "Kinda like a 'T' connection in plumbing," I thought. I had also just learned about "man", so I tried "man tee" and lo, there it was.

I don't think I used it much more than that one time (GNU tail supports the "follow" flag, which works just as well) but I got quite a thrill out of it at the time.
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Response by poster: yes callmejay, exactly that link.

ok mefi, let loose with the unix-web!
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Response by poster: The comments on Hedlund's post are good.
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chown: ebay.com


Or maybe Twitter is cat.
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metafilter = /dev/random

I keed
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metafilter = top
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Hrm, want:

cron / at

Not sure:

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rcs/cvs/etcetera = archive.org
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sed is probably greasemonkey
find is google
wget is keepvid.com or similar sites.
screen is VMware Virtual Desktop or VNC

cron/at could be a worthwhile product. The only thing like that now that can think of are sites like futureme or lettermelater.
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perl = myspace. Ugly, out of fashion, and barely useable.

I kid!

The facebook app that lets you set your twitter status and facebook status at the same time is kind of like tee.
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Also, OpenID is kinda like Kerberos? Admittedly, stretching this metaphor a bit.
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Twitter's kind of a variation on wall.
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dropbox is a little like rsync
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cron/at is EC2 and/or AppEngine.
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I've always thought of Facebook apps as similar to BBS doors.
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Google is closer to locate than to find.

Gmail/Hotmail/etc are mail, obviously.

The MMORPG of the moment is nethack. ;)

Things like ReStructuredText, Textile, wiki markup, etc., are kinda like *roff.

What we still don't have is an analog to the ur-command, sh. Yahoo Pipes is a stab in that direction, I think. Most websites aren't designed to work together, unfortunately— they're more like pre-Unix commands which have to try to do everything poorly because they can't coöperate.

Commands I'd like to see: diff, make, script.
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archive.org is tar
wikipedia is like man
openid is NIS/yellow pages

facebook is the new zypher (from the Athena Unix Platform), that brings back some memories.
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Hmm, javascript seems to be the perl/sed/awk/sh that holds together lots of the webpages as well.
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