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Turning 1800 text files into something more usable for Wordpress?

I have 1800 files I need to convert into Wordpress blog posts. Each file has merely the content, and nothing else, in text format. What's the best way to get them into Wordpress? Is there a text program or script (that will run on Windows7) that will convert them to HTML files for use with this plugin? Or an easy way to convert them to RSS somehow? I don't really have shell or perl access, so something local would be great, or even a script for Notepad++ or something. Thanks!
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Best answer: Do a google search for "txt to html". There are a bunch of items returned - and I am sure one of those would do the trick. One of those should hopefully create well-formed html, which you can hopefully then use with the plugin you mentioned..
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I can't test it out because my server doesn't run PHP5, but I looked through the code for that plugin and I don't see why it couldn't import txt files. Have you tested importing your existing files?
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I'd say niles has it, but if that doesn't work out, memail me and I can do the conversion for you to HTML files or a big RSS feed.
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Response by poster: wow guys good answers so far, and pocam, thats a fantastic offer! i'm going to try and let you know..
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Response by poster: Hey kids, thanks alot, i got it to work. for the record, i converted these files to HTML (using txt2html), then modified that plugin a little bit (ie to create a fake title and a few other minor things) and used it successfully to import. thanks for the clear advice!
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