Where can I find information about buying, registering, and insuring a car in an EU member country as a Canadian citizen?
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I'll be driving a car 16,000 kms from London to Mongolia next summer as a participant in the Mongol Rally. I need to acquire, register, and insure a vehicle (and I realize I'll also have to purchase local insurance along the way). What's the easiest way to get this done? We are all Canadian citizens.
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Do you know what kind of car you want? I would focus on that first: reliability, parts availability, comfort, etc. I think the Rally is requiring newer cars, so that limits your choice but also means you might consider purchasing one through a factory delivery program and then pick it up over there. I imagine they (the factory) would be able to handle the paperwork and logistics as well as anyone. You probably don't want a new car though, so...

I would search local (UK) dealerships, tell them what kind of car you're looking for, and ask them to help out on the paperwork as they would a UK citizen. I think they handle "foreign" sales more frequently than we North Americans and will be familiar with it. I don't know how you're handling responsibilities with your team but you can either divide and conquer on this sort of thing (each of you email/call a few places until you find someone knowledgeable), or divvy up tasks wholesale (one person is accountable for __x__). You will need insurance pre-arranged in Canada and proof of that to finalize paperwork and pick-up of the car. Each country you go through may have its own requirements (and as I understand it, that's one of the things that puts the "Rah!" in rally), but if I were you I'd pour over the blogs from previous teams to see what their experiences were (also for pointers on cars).

Go Team drewgillison! I'm envious and would love to do this one day (soon!).
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I thought the Mongol Rally had a limit on engine displacement? Or are there different classes? If you really want something that will survive the trip and have access to spare parts... Buy a right hand drive Toyota HiLux Pickup (or HiLux Surf SUV, resembles a 4Runner). I suggest the 3.0L engine (petrol or Diesel), the 2.4L is wimpy.
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