Solutions for a web-based form that takes payment...?
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Have to build a form for a web site that takes generic stuff (name, address, etc.) but also processes a payment, preferably through Paypal Pro. The site is hosted by Dreamhost and the CMS is Expression Engine. Paypal Pro's site is a little mind-boggling for an amateur like myself. Are there companies that will just do this aspect of the development (and quickly) or a site that has solutions given these variables? I don't mind paying, I just need it done fast.
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Have a look at: How to set up an e-commerce site using PayPal to process. Haven't used it, but seems simple enough if it meets your needs.
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EE actually has a module that (purportedly, I haven't used it myself yet) does all the set up with PayPal for you:

Simple Commerce Module
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Response by poster: EE actually has a module that

How bizarre. I posted a query similar to the OP on the EE forums and rather than point this out to me, the mod moved my question from tech support to the howto forum where it still awaits an answer.

Thanks crickets! (And hungrysquirrels.)
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If that doesn't work out or is too complicated or whatever, FormSpring does exactly this. You design the form on their site and just plug it into yours. It will even do complex calculations and send thank you emails for you. I use it a lot and I think it's really great.
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Wufoo also has easy form creation and Paypal integration.
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FoxyCart might be worth looking into. Simplifies this, but there is a monthly payment.
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