Which companies provide additional benefits/incentives for stockholders?
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Which companies provide additional, non dividend, benefits or incentives for stockholders?

I saw someone mention in passing here on AskMe about a phone company sending phone cards as part of its annual report, a practice that had since been discontinued. What companies still do this sort of thing? Either through giving away or discounting their services, or offering some other benefit (secret stockholder's lounge?).
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This is a decent start, I think. You'd probably want to research the claims made here:

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This one is a little more recent and reputable looking.


Good phrases to Google for are "shareholder perks" and "stockholder perks".
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My mom sent us a box of 3M goodies, because she owns a few shares.

I think they offer this every other year. It's got syiff in it that I usually see in general availability about a year later. This time we got some cool scissors, a package of three get-them-wet-and-they-expand towels (washcloths?), tape, Post-Its, et al.
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I think the passing mention was mine. AT&T used to send phone cards (maybe 10 minutes or so) that snapped out of the back cover of the annual reports. You used them just like any calling card, dialing the 800 number and entering the code.

Also, I believe Disney used to give some discounts and perhaps a special 800 reservations number to shareholders. hmm, apparently they did used to give shareholders aspecial card. Once again, no more.
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Also, annual meetings tend to come with food. Thanks for the yummy pastry Carly, even if I did eat it right before you destroyed HP...
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