Using VoIP in a noisy room?
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I use Mumble. My computer is in the living room. Right next to the TV. My fiancee loves CSI, and other dramas which seem to have a very dynamic volume. Are there any tips to make my mic pick up less crime, and more me? Or at least less crime? Because if I set Mumble onto speech activated, it's basically on constantly, due to the background noise. Thank you!
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I don't use Mumble, I use Ventrilo (someone else bought a server instance for my group, so I'll take what I get) but is there some reason you can't use a PTT mode? Most people who do the voice chat thing strongly prefer you avoid using speech activation specifically to avoid having to listen to your TV or sneezing or breathing.
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You might try a stenomask (google that.)
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You don't say what type of hardware you're using.

If you don't already use one I've go for a higher quality usb headset that has a noise cancellation feature. This brings the mic close to your mouth and hopefully kills some of the background noise.

Is it possible to move your computer? Even a few feet will make a difference as well.
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Response by poster: No, I can use PTT, I just prefer not to if it's an option. In a (somewhat) quiet room, the voice activation on Mumble is actually REALLY good - it would activate.. when I spoke. I was pleased. I'm using PTT now, but I'd still like to find a way to get less outside noise on the line even so.

I'll look into a Stenomask, thank you!

I don't have a USB headset - I'm just using a cheapo walmart special. BUT - I'm looking into upgrading to this. Any thoughts? Is USB that much better? And no, moving isn't an option, sadly. Small house, etc.
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Best answer: I think usb headsets have better quality audio. It kind of all depends on where the microphone is pointed at (is on the side of the stick, pointed at your mouth.. or is it at the very end pointing out into the air?) The headset you linked might work if it's within your budget.

This is getting pretty decent reviews.

This is the headset I use for gaming. I don't really have many problems with it but I don't have the same situation you do, though.

You might not be able to avoid using the push to talk feature, though.
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Response by poster: OK, those are a great start for me. I'll look into them. Thank you for coming back and mentioning that!
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