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Is there a way (or free utility) to search through .bkf files without having to open them with ntbackup? Thanks!
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Not without some serious, serious hacking. BKF is a proprietary format, so there aren't any distributed alternatives I know of for the reading and writing of BKF files. There are a few alternative backup utilities which work with BKF files, but all of them use ntbackup as their core. As such, no, there is no way to preview BKF files without opening them with ntbackup.

Is your problem that that takes too long on your older computer? If so, you might have more luck finding a newer, faster computer running Vista and instead using a BKF-reader utility which MS realeased a little while ago for Vista and Server '08 with the rather inventive name "Windows NT Backup - Restore Utility." Unfortunately, I imagine that your trouble isn't that it takes a little too long; usually when people want to go through backups, they've got a pile of backup disks a mile high and only one tiny thing they need to find.

Anyhow, good luck.
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I was afraid of that, but it makes sense. Thanks a lot.
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